Running Tracks Challenge with Coram

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Move to Music This Way

Move to Music This Way

Invite your friends and families to build you a playlist then challenge yourself to move for 600 minutes throughout the month of May. Do it your way; do it at your pace.
Run, walk or shuffle; however you do it, get your Running Tracks together and let the music move you.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

Through building your playlist, you will be raising money to help children and young people who have little or no support in their lives. Simply sign up, connect to Spotify via your ready-made fundraising page and share your page with your friends, family and colleagues.

They can then add as many tracks as they wish, in return for a donation. They could share their favourite song, a song with childhood memories attached, or a track which means something else to them; perhaps the soundtrack to their first dance or their first date. Or of course they might choose to stitch you up with a song you love to hate!

Once you receive your first donation, we will send you your very own Running Tracks Challenge T-shirt as a thank you and as motivation to keep moving to the music!

Have fun and get healthy!

We hope Running Tracks Challenge gives you the inspiration to exercise this May and help transform both your health and the lives of vulnerable children across the UK.

The Challenge

The Challenge The Challenge

600 minutes is the recommended amount of exercise an adult should aim for in a month. Your challenge is to complete this over the course of 4 weeks kicking off on Tuesday 3rd May.

Running Tracks Challenge is completely free to sign up. All we ask is that you fundraise as much as you can to help us transform the lives of children with little or no support and who need our help to provide the love and opportunity they deserve.

What Your Fundraising Supports

What Your Fundraising Supports What Your Fundraising Supports

At Coram, the UK’s first children’s charity, we never stop making change happen to create better chances for children.

We work to make sure every child has a stable, loving home by finding new adoptive families for the children who need them, as well as therapeutic support for adopted children and families.

Step by step, child by child, Coram fights for children’s legal protection today and enables them to gain the skills they need for tomorrow, giving them the chance to shine. We tackle the bigger picture too. Inspired by the views and experiences of children themselves, we galvanize professionals to improve the systems which will allow better chances for future generations of children. Our goal is a world in which all children can thrive.

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The difference you could make by fundraising for Coram:



Can you move to the beat, hit the streets and make it to our top 10?

Finish the challenge in the top 10 and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a pair of Nike Air Max trainers! (style and size to be chosen depending on availability by the winner).

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Thank you to all of our Running Tracks Champions who are helping us to raise vital funds to support Coram.

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You can register here or by clicking the sign-up button further up the page! It’s completely free to register, and we just ask that you raise as much as you can through donations motivated by music. When you register, a fundraising page will be automatically created for you, making it nice and simple. Once registered, you will receive a welcome email from us with more information, and handy hints and tips to get you on your way!

You can connect your preferred app (we recommend Strava or Runkeeper) to your fundraising page. We have a handy guide on how to connect to your apps here. Once connected, the minutes tracked through the app will automatically pull through to your fundraising page so that everyone can see how amazing you’re doing!

Yes, you will need to connect to Spotify to allow your friends and family to add donations to your playlist. We have a handy guide on how to do this here. Don’t already have Spotify – no problem, sign up for a FREE account here (it’ll only take a few minutes) and then use these details to connect. You don’t have to connect to Strava to be able to record your minutes. If preferred, you can simply update your minutes manually, which will still pull through onto your fundraising page for everyone to see. We have a handy guide on how to do update your miles manually here.

When you sign up, a fundraising page will be created for you automatically. If you are new to GivePenny, you will be sent an email after registering which will include a verification link. Click this link to confirm your email address and then you’re set and ready to go – make sure you click this link or you won't be fully registered!

No – donors do not need a Spotify account to be able to donate. Spotify is integrated into the GivePenny platform and so donating a song, is as simple as making a straightforward donation, with the addition of choosing an awesome track to motivate your movement. The minimum donation amount is 50p, but the average donation amount is £5.

We encourage you to do whatever makes you feel good! Whether that’s running, walking, swimming or going to the gym/general work out exercises – as long as you’re moving to the music, we don’t mind! You can split the minutes out evenly throughout the month, or challenge yourself to longer moving moments on specific days, do it your way, at your pace.

The Running Tracks Challenge will start on Tuesday 3 May and run for a duration of 4 weeks, concluding on Tuesday 31 May. We encourage you to sign-up and launch your fundraising page before the start date, so that you can get some tracks on your playlist, ready for you to move to the music!

We will send your T-Shirts out as soon as you receive your first donation. Please allow up to one working week to receive this. Please note that to receive these items, all funds must be raised through the GivePenny platform and amounts raised do not include Gift Aid.

Absolutely! This challenge is open to everyone, so your children and even pets can take part too! For anyone under the age of 16, we ask that an adult creates the page on their behalf.

Connor and Dan's Story

Connor and Dan's Story Connor and Dan's Story Connor and Dan with children

Connor* and Dan* adopted a little boy, with Coram. Three years after the adoption, they were contacted by their social worker with the news that Harry’s* birth mother was pregnant again and that there was a possibility the couple could adopt for a second time.

“We had always wanted to have another child but we didn’t want to rock the boat with Harry, and we wanted to keep things stable for him as he had such an unstable life beforehand”

“But then when a birth sibling comes along, our thinking was that this child is going to be part of our lives regardless, it doesn’t matter, whether we parent them or not. So we said yes we want to know more and we started proceedings.”

The adoption went through on Mia’s* first birthday, in 2017. Connor says that Mia joining the family has been very positive for Harry. He says: “It completed his story a little bit. For him it showed he wasn’t the only one that his birth mother rejected and couldn’t cope with. It was also a connection to his birth mother. We’ve always been very open in talking about their history and where they came from and their adoption, but he never quite got it. Until Mia came along and it became real. He loved her instantly and helped him get a sense of who he is.”

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity.

Connor and Dan with children

“Our lives have changed so much for the better – I don’t think we would be as happy as we are now without our children. They have made our lives compete.”